Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the time traveler's wife

days in alliston is relaxing and resting

i finally finished reading the time traveler's wife, which i've got it as a gift about two years ago. it was a mind-touching novel and kinda similar to the curious case of benjamin button; both stories are not real (well, as far as i know, those kind of people wouldn't exist, if they are please let me know) and kinda sad in the end. i heard it's been filmed and i'm excited to watch it this summer!

+ i took a picture of my book, mom's garden, when i took a picture of the time traveler's wife. i thought it looks alright with blue-ish purple flowers in the backyard :)


Rachelle said...

annie! <3

your book was so great and really displayed your talent well... it's a favorite piece of mine.

so glad you were a ~winner~ at the show!!!

(i want to read "the time traveler's wife" so bad! my dad read it years ago and he has always told me i'd like it... but i haven't had the chance to read it yet!)

a n n i e said...


yeah, i think you will like it. it's a heart touching novel, like kinda sad but at the same time your heart gets warm. the book is thick, but i think you'll read the whole book in a week. (which took me two years)